Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered GyroCycle

Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered Gyrocycle

Light Weight Portable and Foldable Electric Tricycle with Revolutionary Lithium-ion Battery Power. It can be easily folded to store in your trunk or any compact space at your home. When folded, you can drag it like a standard size luggage. When you are ready to go, unfold and ride for up to 10+ mile on a single charge!

April 7, 2017

Gyropad’s upcoming hover boards

The GyroBoard will come in two different color combinations, a dark gray and cream white. It will feature fast charging times of less than three hours and be able to

reach a max speed of 8.7 mph and go for up to 15.5 miles on a single charge.

All of that in a stylish, modern design, makes the GyroBoard, the easiest, safest and

most fun self-balancing scooter out there. The scooters will be available end-of-April.

For more information go to and also follow them on Twitter,

Facebook and Instagram, all @gyropad, for ongoing updates.


Gyropad seeks to combine the latest in innovation, design and technology to make a

consumer solution for the personal transportation and mobile sports industries. “We

envision the future ‘last mile transportation’ will be powered by the newest battery with

widely applied gyroscope technology.


With our own brand name – “Gyropad”, our mission is to empower the next generation

of change-makers by offering the newest in gyroscope and battery technology in a sleek

and convenient design.

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