Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered GyroCycle

Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered Gyrocycle

Light Weight Portable and Foldable Electric Tricycle with Revolutionary Lithium-ion Battery Power. It can be easily folded to store in your trunk or any compact space at your home. When folded, you can drag it like a standard size luggage. When you are ready to go, unfold and ride for up to 10+ mile on a single charge!

June 2, 2017

Ethan’s First Day with his Hoverboard from Gyropad

Ethan is an 8 year old boy who lives in Rochester, New York. For his good behavior and school performance, his Mom decided to purchase him a hoverboard from

Ethan couldn’t contain his excitement and tried the hoverboard as soon as it arrived. It was a little hard at first, especially since he had never ridden one before, but about 10 minutes, he quickly got the hang of it. He can even do tricks like kneel down riding on it, do multiple spins etc. In just a matter of minutes he became a pro!

Let’s take a look at the video clips Ethan’s Mom sent to us:

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