Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered GyroCycle

Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered Gyrocycle

Light Weight Portable and Foldable Electric Tricycle with Revolutionary Lithium-ion Battery Power. It can be easily folded to store in your trunk or any compact space at your home. When folded, you can drag it like a standard size luggage. When you are ready to go, unfold and ride for up to 10+ mile on a single charge!

GyroPad’s First Press Release of Its Products!

(Los Angeles, CA) April 4, 2017 – Gyropad, a leading technology company focused on

safe, reliable and fun modern modes of personal transportation, is debuting its first

product in its exciting new lineup later this month. The company will be introducing the

GyroBoard, built as a better and safer version of the widely popular self-balancing

scooters, also known as hover boards.


Hover boards have become widely popular as a fun and exciting way to get from place

to place. But the fast growing product, which is made by various manufacturers, took a

hit when news reports started circulating about a number of  them catching on fire

spontaneously while doing nothing more than just recharging. There seemed to be a

design problem in the battery charging functionality of some of the boards.


As is all too common, some in the public took that to mean all hover boards were

inherently dangerous when nothing was further from the truth. Faulty batteries were

related to poorly designed and often cheap models that have not been certified by UL.


The new GyroBoard from GyroPad has that UL2272 certification. So now that we know

it is safe, we can get to the fun stuff. The GyroBoard is undoubtedly one of the best

hover boards out there and makes personal transportation a lot more fun than normal

means of getting around. It has a smart balance pad that makes it extremely easy to

stay balanced, even for beginners and can come with LED lights and bluetooth enabled

speakers so you can move around with your favorite music right there with you.