Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered GyroCycle

Portable and Foldable Light-Weight Lithium-Ion Powered Gyrocycle

Light Weight Portable and Foldable Electric Tricycle with Revolutionary Lithium-ion Battery Power. It can be easily folded to store in your trunk or any compact space at your home. When folded, you can drag it like a standard size luggage. When you are ready to go, unfold and ride for up to 10+ mile on a single charge!



Smart Balance Pad with available LED Lights and Bluetooth enabled Speaker

GyroBoard Smart Balance Pad with LED Lights or Bluetooth Speaker

The Gyroboard is engineered with dual gyroscopic digital sensors that precisely adjust it to your body weight and positions. You can zip around tight corners with zero degree turn radius.

It is made of high quality industrial grade ABS body, aluminum wheels, and rubberized anti-slip footpads, the sturdy and strong shell ensures durability and safety on every type of terrain. Plus, it is water resistant!

Model GP65R1 comes with lower platform and a little wide foot spread, it intends to be more stable and easy to control. Good for beginner!

Model GP65R5 features all the above with the addition of powerful Bluetooth speakers that lets you play your favorite music while riding.

  • Colors: Dark Gray Color / Black and White Color
  • Features: Stylish Design with trendy LED Lights (GP65R1) Bluetooth Speaker (GP65R5)
  • Certificates: UL2272 (Officially and professionally approved Safe)
  • Charging Time: 2-3 hours
  • Battery Power: 158Wh
  • Battery Capacity: 4.4Ah
  • Max Speed: 8.7 MPH
  • Range: 9.3-15.5 Miles
  • Max Load: 264 LBS
  • Max Gradient: 18°~25°
  • Net Weight: 21.5 LBS (GP65R1) 24LBS (GP65R5)
  • Tire Size: 6.5 Inches
  • Battery: UL Certified Lithium Battery, 36V, 4.3A, 158Wh
  • Charger: UL Certified Charger

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